Empathic horse transporter

I booked Lynn Kelly Transport the day before my mare and foal were due to be graded at a location 3 hours away and in a bit of a panic after deciding that my foal was just too big to travel loose in my trailer!

Lynn is to be highly commended for her upmost professionalism, her friendly helpfulness, without being at all intrusive and her endless patience. When we arrived at our destination we soon realised that the grading had been delayed. Lynn had a personal function to attend that evening and had the grading been on time we would have arrived back with time to spare. However, because of the delay it was apparent that Lynn was going to be VERY late but at no time did we feel rushed or pressured. Lynn was always smiling, upbeat and calm, as if we had hours to spare.

We were waiting around for quite some time and while we were waiting our turn Lynn even managed to persuade another mare and foal to walk into a strange stable calmly as their owners had struggled for ages with trying to get them in!

Again, when it was time to leave, Lynn helped us loan calmly and quietly and gave us pointers to make it even easier but again without being intrusive or forceful. I am a qualified riding instructor with experience of loading difficult horses but Lynn has a knack of quickly assessing and pointing out things that help in such a way that it can only be seen as assisting not interferring.

So we would all like to say a big THANK YOU for helping to make our day such a lovely and memorable occasion for our first foal grading plus a positive experience for our foals first journey.

I would definately use Lynn Kelly Transport again and I would highly recommed her as an excellent and empathic horse transporter.



  1. Cherry East-Rigby says

    Some people have it and others don’t its as simple as that. Lynn really has it and is a horsemaster. It is a gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough. No more need be said.

    Cherry East-Rigby

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