Nervous Youngster

I bought a yearling Irish Draught from a sale last Autumn.  She was completely unhandled and wild.  To get her home I had to gently herd her into my trailer loose, before I had time to close my top doors, she jumped clean out over the ramp! I eventually got her back in and got her home but the experience had clearly upset her deeply. After a few days she gained confidence easily, but months later was still very worried about my trailer.

I had entered Annie for a few shows as a two year old, she was now 16.3 hh and a big girl!  I decided to hire Lynn and her lovely roomy horsebox.  We had a few practice sessions at my home, firstly with the partitions open so Annie could walk in easily and turn around and then as she got more confident just with a double space partition. Loading in and out, taking her for short drives and standing quietly inside with the engine running all helped her confidence.

Annie went to her first show two days ago, cool as a cucumber, not a sweat mark in sight and actually qualified for the young horse championships.

I cant recommend Lynn highly enough as being very patient and calm but more importantly..really understanding horses.

Jennifer Blenkiron BHSAI, BHSInt Sm (regd)

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