Excellent service from Jersey

We needed to bring Dylan over from Jersey to England for training and saddle fitting but were unable to do the journey ourselves.

Lynn flew over in the morning had a cup of tea and a chat before loading Dylan for the crossing in our own box.

They had an excellent crossing and arrived safe and well at livery ready for some “bootcamp” training in Stockbridge with Roland Tong.

We cannot recommend Lynn highly enough.

Kind regards
Alison and Graham de Zille

Lynn stepped in and saved the day

I contacted Lynne after being let down by another transport company. She left really early on a Sunday morning to drive to Rutland to pick up my newly purchased mare so that she arrived in Dorset in the light and had time to settle.My horse arrived calm and unworried after a long but uneventful journey.

Thanks Lynne

Katrina Martin

Old rider and old horse venture out to show again thanks to Lynn

It takes a special person to take on a 16hand horse with one eye and past traveling difficulties with balance …..

Lynn cheerfully did just that and with her professional yet non-intrusive manner turned our trip to a dressage venue into a totally chilled experience for my old horse, a wonderful confidence booster for me and a great day out.

Although she had another trip to make later in the day she was in no rush and made helpful pointers as to how best to position her in the box and to make unloading controlled.

She drove very carefully and I will certainly be asking her for more rides, especially as her rates are extremely reasonable!

Lesley Boyd, Hampshire

Cannot praise Lynn enough

Aboslutely fantastic ,cannot praise Lynn enough.

My horses arrived after a six hour journey totally relaxed and stress free,unlike their owner who was an anxious wreck! They are true horse lovers and i would highly recommend them as they are extremely professional and keep you informed throughout .

Thank you so much Lynn my horses are now very happy in their new Yorkshire home.xx

Julie Atherton

Excellent horsewoman!

Some people have it and others don’t its as simple as that. Lynn really has it and is a horsemaster. It is a gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough. No more need be said.

Cherry East-Rigby

Excellent Transport to Dorset

Lynn transported my new horse from Warwickshire to Dorset.

My lovely new horse, Pearl, had never traveled in a lorry before, nor had she left the fields and stable yard where she was born (she is 5 now). Lynn was so patient, allowing her to load in her own time. During the drive home Lynn was very careful to ensure her precious cargo had a very positive first experience of traveling.

During the journey home Lynn also imparted some great advice to help me get Pearl used to traveling in my somewhat smaller lorry.

Thanks Lynn!

Michelle Hartman

Excellent Service During Very Bad Weather

Hi Lynn

Just a small gesture of my gratitude for all your help and assistance throughout December 2010, it has been a very traumatic time and your calm professionalism and patience when dealing with both horse and owner has been invaluable.

You scheduled and rescheduled transportation to suit my requirements through freezing fog, snow and ice; maintaining a much appreciated ‘can do’ attitude and overcoming many problems, difficulties and disruptions to your busy programme. Your constant feedback and customer care is exemplary and the peace of mind you provide is priceless.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who ever requires the very best care and attention for the transport of their very precious horse.

Thank you so much and best wishes for 2011.

Nicki Boulton

1st Jan 2011

Nervous Youngster

I bought a yearling Irish Draught from a sale last Autumn.  She was completely unhandled and wild.  To get her home I had to gently herd her into my trailer loose, before I had time to close my top doors, she jumped clean out over the ramp! I eventually got her back in and got her home but the experience had clearly upset her deeply. After a few days she gained confidence easily, but months later was still very worried about my trailer.

I had entered Annie for a few shows as a two year old, she was now 16.3 hh and a big girl!  I decided to hire Lynn and her lovely roomy horsebox.  We had a few practice sessions at my home, firstly with the partitions open so Annie could walk in easily and turn around and then as she got more confident just with a double space partition. Loading in and out, taking her for short drives and standing quietly inside with the engine running all helped her confidence.

Annie went to her first show two days ago, cool as a cucumber, not a sweat mark in sight and actually qualified for the young horse championships.

I cant recommend Lynn highly enough as being very patient and calm but more importantly..really understanding horses.

Jennifer Blenkiron BHSAI, BHSInt Sm (regd)

Very smooth transport service

Thank you Very much for your transport services yesterday it was absolutely fabulous I have not felt so at ease in someones company so quickly before, sorry about the awkward situation! Will look forward to my next invoice from them..
Will make sure I come back to you for any future ‘Zed moves’ and recommend you to others.
Take care
Rachel Adams

Empathic horse transporter

I booked Lynn Kelly Transport the day before my mare and foal were due to be graded at a location 3 hours away and in a bit of a panic after deciding that my foal was just too big to travel loose in my trailer!

Lynn is to be highly commended for her upmost professionalism, her friendly helpfulness, without being at all intrusive and her endless patience. When we arrived at our destination we soon realised that the grading had been delayed. Lynn had a personal function to attend that evening and had the grading been on time we would have arrived back with time to spare. However, because of the delay it was apparent that Lynn was going to be VERY late but at no time did we feel rushed or pressured. Lynn was always smiling, upbeat and calm, as if we had hours to spare.

We were waiting around for quite some time and while we were waiting our turn Lynn even managed to persuade another mare and foal to walk into a strange stable calmly as their owners had struggled for ages with trying to get them in!

Again, when it was time to leave, Lynn helped us loan calmly and quietly and gave us pointers to make it even easier but again without being intrusive or forceful. I am a qualified riding instructor with experience of loading difficult horses but Lynn has a knack of quickly assessing and pointing out things that help in such a way that it can only be seen as assisting not interferring.

So we would all like to say a big THANK YOU for helping to make our day such a lovely and memorable occasion for our first foal grading plus a positive experience for our foals first journey.

I would definately use Lynn Kelly Transport again and I would highly recommed her as an excellent and empathic horse transporter.